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Signed up for kink bingo and trope bingo. Got pretty good cards, so we'll see how it goes...

Trope Bingo

forbidden fruit fuck or die unexpected friendship bets / wagers futurefic
telepathy / mindmeld chosen family reunion deathfic sex pollen
immortality / reincarnation au: mundane FREE

au: alternate gender norms virginfic
au: other against all odds au: fairy tale / myth kidfic role reversal
matchmaker trust and vows road trip marriage huddle for warmth

Kink Bingo

kink bingo card image cardset1-228.jpg || row 1: | possession / marking | writing on the body | held down | watersports | service || row 2: | breathplay | bodies and body parts | prostitution / sex work | foot fetish / shoe fetish | caning || row 3: | orgies / decadence | emotion play | wildcard (icon #62 contains: bodily fluids, situational humiliation, watersports) | spanking / paddling | fisting / stretching || row 4: | nippleplay / tit torture | sex toys | objectification kink | tentacles | endurance || row 5: | shaving / depilation | fucking machines | vanilla kink | torture / interrogation | dressup
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by: Ralkana
fandoms: Avengers
tropes: Locked In, Wingfic, AU: Other, In Vino Veritas/Drunkfic, AU: Cop/Detective

Fic: Voices in the Dark (Avengers, Clint/Coulson, Locked In)
summary/preview: The intel gathering and recon mission they're on could be taken care of by a single junior agent -- there is no need for a level seven agent to be involved, let alone two. Though, to be fair, Clint volunteered to come along, and he's not sure if Fury let him because he wants Clint to keep an eye on Coulson, or if he's here so Coulson can keep an eye on him.
content notes: no archive warnings apply

Fic: The First of April (Avengers, Clint/Coulson, Wingfic)
summary/preview: Tony Stark. April Fools' Day. 'nuff said.
content notes: no archive warnings apply

Fic: Wish You Were Here (Avengers, Clint/Coulson, AU: Other (High School))
summary/preview: High school AU oneshot. The Stark-Banner family is on a roadtrip to Vegas, and Clint is passing the time by missing his boyfriend. (This story is all tumblr's fault.)
content notes: no archive warnings apply

Fic: Don't Drink the Green Beer (Drink the Guinness Instead) (Avengers, Clint/Coulson, In Vino Veritas/Drunkfic)
summary/preview: "Green beer is for frat boys," Clint said indignantly. "I drank Guinness. Lots and lots and lots of Guinness." He frowned. "And maybe some Jameson's, I dunno -- Nat's very sneaky."
content notes: no archive warnings apply

Fic: The Man in Interview C (Avengers, Clint/Coulson, AU: Cop/Detective)
summary/preview: "Coulson, he's a stripper, and you met him on a case. That's like every bad cop cliche ever."
content notes: non-graphic assault and attempted rape/noncon
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2012 was really a rebirth for me, fic-and-fandom-wise. I wrote more in 2012 than I have in any year since I first started writing, ten years ago in 2002. Also, I wrote more in 2012 (104,135 words) than I did in 2005-2011 combined (73,949 words). Clearly, getting involved in a couple of active fandoms was the push I needed to find enjoyment in my writing again. I just forgot how much fun this is.

I've stolen this from [personal profile] dizmo who stole it from [personal profile] shadowen. Thanks, guys!

Total stories: 33 (2 of them are drabbles, and one "story" is 6 haiku)
Total word count: 104,135
Average word count per story: 3,145
Average word count per month: 8,677
Longest story: What Child is This?: 16,711 words
Shortest story (other than the drabbles or the haiku): A Brief Glimpse: 350 words
Fandoms: 4 (I could've sworn it was only 2 -- I'd honestly forgotten I'd written in two of them this year)
Pairings: Hmm. 3 major pairings, and 4 background pairings.

My favorite story of mine this year: God. This is like asking me to pick a favorite child! Um... A Great Survivor. It has C/C (which was totally unexpected, Clint wasn't supposed to be there, and he just showed up as I was writing) and Phil & Steve friendship, which are my two favorite MCU relationships. Plus, baseball. Yeah. I'm gonna have to go with this one.

Story most underappreciated by the universe, in my opinion: Still Unfinished Business. Because it's a sequel to someone else's much older story, I just don't think it gets as much attention as it could.

Most fun story: A Sound Business Investment. Simultaneously ruthless and indulgent Roarke, and snarky Eve, and baseball, yay. The only story my muse has given me for this fandom, as yet.

Most sexy story: Well, I only wrote one story with any sort of smut at all in it, and it was terrifying because it was my first foray into explicit slash. So I'm gonna have to go with Windows. This is something I'm going to have to work on in 2013.

Story with single sweetest moment: I write fluff. It's nearly all sweet, sometimes syrupy! I'm going to have to go with the end of A Brief Glimpse -- or all of it, really, since it's only 350 words -- simply because there's absolutely no angst at all attached to Darcy and his family coming home to Pemberley.

Most unintentionally *telling* story: Life's Final Star. This is the first Avengers fic that I wrote, and it has nothing to do with C/C, the OTP that hit me like a truck later on in the year. I wrote this in late May, soon after I'd first seen the movie, and it's all about Thor and Loki and brotherhood, and I've just now realized how much of my own non-relationship with my brother is in it.

Fic that shifted my own perceptions of the characters: This is kind of a trick question, isn't it? Because I'd say my perceptions of the characters shift every time I write something new, every time a little bit more is added to my picture of them. Hmm. I guess... Reflections & Responsibilities. I started out trying to write a story about how Darcy was freer and more of a typical carefree son and heir before his father's death and ended up with a story about grief and the burden that comes with suddenly being responsible for the lives of others. It's as if Darcy turned around, looked at me, and said, "No, I was never a playboy. This is me and always was: serious, sober, determined, and scared as hell every second."

Biggest disappointment: It's gonna have to be all the stories that are sitting unfinished on my hard drive. Particularly the modern NHL P&P AU that started out strong (seriously, sixty pages in about four days) and then just sort of... fizzled. The "unfinished" folder on my hard drive makes me sad.

Biggest surprise: The enthusiasm in the C/C fandom in general. This place is freaking amazing, man. It's a rush every time I post a story. But specifically? The reaction to My Tiny Plastic Heart in Your Hands. It's a little fic. About action figures. I wrote it in about an hour. And people love it. It has more kudos, comments, and bookmarks than any other fic. Astounds me, and makes me smile.

Hardest story to write: What Child is This? Without a doubt. I think if [livejournal.com profile] maquisleader lived closer to me, she would have driven to my house and murdered me for how much I whined, bitched, and complained at her while writing this story. The fact that it got finished at all is still amazing.

Easiest story to write: This is a toss-up between Tiny Plastic Heart and Ring in the New, the NYE story I posted yesterday, but I'm gonna have to give it to Ring in the New, just because it took me five hours to come up with a title for Tiny Plastic Heart (and yes, that's five times longer than it took me to actually write the damn story), and I actually had the title for Ring in the New before I had the story.

This year's theme and the story that demonstrates it most: Good SHIELD Agents Never Die. Coulson Lives!

And here's the overall roundup, month-by-month.

January (I honestly forgot I'd written any of this except the P&P in 2012. I thought it was earlier.)
The Price of Leadership. Leverage, gen, Hardison-centric. 100 words.
Leverage Haiku. Leverage, gen. 75 words.
Rediscovering His Zen. Leverage, gen & minor Eliot/OFC. 1,693 words.
Attitude Adjustment. Leverage, Eliot & Hardison. 493 words.
A Sound Business Investment. In Death (J.D. Robb), Eve/Roarke. 2,473 words.
Soul Searching. Leverage, gen, Eliot-centric. 100 words.
Reflections & Responsibilities. Pride & Prejudice, gen, Darcy-centric. 790 words.

A New Addition. P&P, Elizabeth/Darcy. 9,073 words.
No Man is an Island. P&P, E/D and background Jane/Bingley, but mostly Darcy & Bingley. 1,503 words.
Portrait of a Lady. P&P, E/D. 5,386 words.

Learning to Hope. P&P, E/D. 3,935 words.

Life's Final Star. MCU, Thor & Loki. 500 words.

Still Unfinished Business. P&P, modern and regency, E/D. 3,246 words.

A Brief Glimpse. P&P, E/D. 350 words.
A Conversation at Dawn. P&P, E/D. 4,121 words.

September (obviously the month C/C hit me like a damn train)
Office Scuttlebutt is Always Wrong (Except When It Isn't). MCU, Clint/Coulson. 1,409 words. (AKA The One That Started It All. "Oh, I'll just write the one story and get it out of my system...")
A Handful of Cards. MCU, C/C. 1,456 words.
Conversation on a Cloud. MCU, C/C. 1,591 words.
I Couldn't Tell You But I'm Telling You Now. MCU, C/C. 2,795 words.
Six Conversations. MCU, C/C, background Tony/Pepper. 8,501 words.
My Tiny Plastic Heart in Your Hands. MCU, C/C. 1,178 words.
Falling From a Pedestal to Land on Even Ground. MCU, C/C, Bucky/Steve, minor past Coulson/OMC. 3,293 words.

Windows. AKA the Renner's Eyes Are Ridiculous story. MCU, C/C. My only M rated fic. 6,589 words.
Moving On. MCU, gen, Coulson backstory. 920 words.
A Great Survivor. MCU, C/C, Steve & Phil. 2,710 words.
Good SHIELD Agents Never Die. MCU, C/C, Coulson/Work. Written because Coulson Lives! 1,828 words.

Always Come to Carry Me Home. MCU, C/C, warning for graphic torture. 4,382 words.
Of Love and Dreams to Share. MCU, C/C, 1,200 words.

Secret Santa. MCU, C/C. 8,900 words.
Eyes Up High. MCU, C/C. 2,536 words.
What Child is This? AKA The Story That Nearly Killed Me. MCU, C/C, background Tony/Pepper and Jane/Thor. 16,711 words.
Christmas Sugar. MCU, C/C. 1,720 words.
Ring in the New. MCU, C/C. 2,578 words.

That's a hell of a year, productivity-wise, and that doesn't include the dozen fics I've started and haven't finished. Here's to hoping 2013 is even better!


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